Thanks to experience in spirulina production, since 2016 Algreen helps spirulina companies in obtaining the organic certification. It is remarkable the advantage of working with a group that already knows how the process works: through the years Algreen has developed management models approved by companies and certification bodies. Our support ensures an easier path through the different phases. Algreen operators’ experience and their scientific knowledge make them an important reference also for technical advice.

Organic medium formulation

To be organic certified, companies need to treat the the spirulina mean of growing with salts and fertilizers as specified in the organic disciplinaries CE 834/2008 and CE 899/2008. Algreen offers a consolidated recipe with products and quantities for the soil formulation

Help in dossier filling

Algreen drafts the documents needed to obtain the organic certification, interfacing with certification bodies and companies

Organic telematic registers

Algreen implemented an app to make the registers filling easier for companies. Those registers, that keep track of all the companies activities, are asked by the certification bodies during the inspection visits. The new app speeds up the process, making the data collection and management easier. 

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