Algreen BV and Dr F. Abiusi are working together to optimise and scale up Galdieria’s biomass production.
As Spirulina, Galdieria is an algae that could be used as superfood. However, compared to Spirulina, it is cheaper, easier to grow and even more nutritious. From volcanic springs to a closed-circuit reactor, it can convert organic waste into valuable proteins.

Galdieria much richer in protein

2/3 of Galdieria’s dry weight is amino acids, more than the case for meat, milk, cheese and eggs.

Some of these amino acids are limited in plants, that’s why it is difficult to derive well-balanced nutrition from a plant-based diet. Galdieria, instead, may be the next superfood.

It has great potential to help

  • improve human heath,

  • encourage a transition to a more plant-based diet,

  • reduce energy use,

  • make good use of organic waste.

Algreen BV is working to optimise and scale up the processusing food waste as a substrate.

Approval from the European Food Safety Authority will come next year and Dr Abiusi assures that Galdieria products will soon be found on the market.